Sulfochems Limited is one of the Bangladesh’s leading diversified Indentor/Trader of specialized on Pharma API,Excipients,Packaging materials, Pharma Machineries, laboratory reagent, medical equipment, hospital disposable,nutraceutical raw materials, textile raw materials, Agrochemicals, Agro vet API, Cosmetics materials and Food additives .  Most of the items importing from most reliable sources all over the world. While choosing import sources, the company strictly considers quality certifications like ISOs, GMP, EDMF, DMF, COS, USFDA etc.Our global network ensures our quality support towards our goal in providing the latest technologies in related fields globally presentable to our clients.

The company has almost 10 employees and more than 75% of them are skilled technical personnel like engineers, chemists, Doctors, and pharmacists having hands-on experience in international trading and pharmaceutical and medical equipment business as well as local market.